Second Skins for the Spandex Empire

Here in the magical land of New Orleans, we spend each day in the studio making fresh, new sparkly skins for all the joyous people of the world. It all started in a Mardi Gras float building warehouse, where I was asked to put on a fashion show for a fundraising event. Amongst the fiberglass big-breasted clowns and sparkling moons and jesters and other madness I decided to put ten of my friends in sparkling holographic bodysuits, to dance to the rythm of their own wild heartbeats. The event inspired so much contagious joy that I knew what had to happen next! I started pumping sparkly bodysuits into the world via Etsy and, thus, have spread the Joy-infection all over the world!
I've since branched out to make products for women and men with the goal of "solving" many of the conundrums we face with modern clothing. No more must we suffer with boring and ill-fitting mass produced garbage! These handmade wares are meant to love your body into beauty.

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